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Adam R. Broad

Democratic candidate for County Clerk, Lake County

Adam R. Broad

Adam R. Broad

Democratic candidate for County Clerk, Lake County

3 years undergraduate Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, philosophy
Tracker-Field Researcher for American Bridge 21st Century
Buffalo Grove
Past Political/Civic Experience
Vernon Township Trustee

Responses to our questions

Compare and contrast: Why should voters nominate you and not your opponent(s)?Your campaign materials explain your general qualifications for office, so you needn't repeat that information. We're instead asking you to help us do what voters must do — choose one candidate from the field available to them.

My primary concern with election integrity and my experience at successfully fighting for it will be the main thing I emphasize asking Lake County citizens for their votes. That concern and the insufficient concern of my the other candidates should illuminate a clear choice for this office. My concern is illustrated not just in talking points but decades of experience in the trenches of electoral politics.

While some voters might not be impressed by my passion for civil rights and a career of successful progressive activism and organizing, they might think differently of my work as Vernon Township Trustee. In less than a year, our Democratic slate delivered more bang for the buck, improving social services while reducing the property tax levy 5%. That accomplishment is rather unique among units of government in Illinois right now.

A similar full audit of Best Practices in the Clerk's office could improve efficiency and discover the funds for my proposed reforms. My unique skill set and team accomplishments qualify me as a manager, recruiter, trainer, and operative.

My leadership building organizations from scratch produced desired outcomes. In the case of my non-partisan voter registration and election protection teams in Florida, we outperformed others that had more staff and more resources. Our work there in 2004 contributed to raising the minimum wage.

That practical organizing work led to Southern Virginia in 2008. Representing the Obama Campaign For Change as a field organizer, we turned a red state blue.

Regardless of a voter's political views, if they understand the daunting ground game of politics, they understand that winning in an area that's strong for the other party takes focus and relentless effort. There, I was the only non-attorney representing the Democratic Party of Virginia in the certification hearings for that closely won contest.

I continue as the rare non-attorney in a sea of very good and committed lawyers on the volunteer Tenth Dems Voter Protection Team. Aside from the network and resource this gives me for the challenges ahead, this gave me experience of the operational problems confronting Lake County voters. I have practical ideas for reforming these problems. Silence on these issues from my primary opponent and the incumbent clerk is deafening. All I hear from my opponents is status quo.

My campaign promotes a reform agenda that not only fights against attacks on voting rights, but offers a back up line of defense for cyber-security.

There remains lack of faith in the electoral process all along the political spectrum. It ranges from the simple and widespread belief that voting doesn't matter to a fantastic claim made by our current President during his campaign that low income people of color travel cross-country voting in multiple elections. Rather than promoting wild conspiracy theories, I've not only witnessed that management and integrity have room for improvement, but I have offered practical solutions that have already been tried and tested in Get Out The Vote programs.

Elections are essential to our Constitution and survival as a nation. I intend for my campaign to explain how we, as citizens of Lake County, will realize an agenda promoting the highest standard of election integrity. As clerk, I will faithfully serve that agenda.

Candidates for County Clerk, Lake County