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Corean Davis

Democratic candidate for Illinois House (29th district)

Corean Davis

Corean Davis

Democratic candidate for Illinois House (29th district)

Bachelors of Communications
Self Employed
South Hollandd
Past Political/Civic Experience

Responses to our questions

Why do you think it has been so difficult for Springfield to get a balanced budget passed and signed?

The governor wanted to cut services essential to many representative districts especially in the northern parts of the State including but not limited to childcare.

Do you believe the state budget can be balanced going forward without new sources of revenue?

The State budget can potentially be balanced without new sources of revenue. To create a balance budget our government needs to commit to not letting our expenses rise above revenue. Until we tighten loopholes and stop transferring funds from fully funded accounts we will never accurately know if we need additional sources of revenue or not.

What new sources, if any, would you support? Please be specific.

yes a graduated income tax. An increase in school funding will allow school districts to lower the property tax levy from the schools.

Do you support a constitutional amendment favoring a graduated income tax? Please explain.

Yes a graduated income tax will generate more revenue into the state at a fair rate, that potentially assist with the underfunding of schools especially in low income and impoverished neighborhoods.

Please list five areas where you would cut spending.

Prison System Reducing operations at a state university. Reduce Non Union state employees Cut Tourism Spending Supreme Court

Since the Illinois Supreme Court's 2015 decision tossing bipartisan pension reform, what can and should the legislature do to control pension costs, if anything?

Pension reform is not necessary if our government consistently stay out of taking the money our of the pension system. The pensions will balance themselves if we stop touching it.

Should all new state workers be moved into defined contribution plans?

The pension system does not need to be reformed, our state government have to be held accountable and not dip and dab into the pensions until they can stabilize themselves.

What should the governor do to control pension costs during union contract talks? What would you do?

The governor should not touch the pension. I would not touch the pensions. this cost will regulate itself without political involvement.

Illinois lost more residents than any other state in 2016 and the trend appears to be holding for 2017. What is the No. 1 reason, in your opinion, for the exodus?

High taxes on the middle class

What should Illinois do — via tax policy, spending or other policy means — to keep residents from leaving?

Reduce taxes and or offer tax incentives, create jobs, raise minimum wage.

What should Illinois do to promote job creation?

offer tax incentives for small businesses, increase funding for infrastructure projects.

Did you support the education funding reform bill that the governor signed in 2017?


What, if anything, should the legislature do to help Chicago Public Schools?

Increase funding

Do you support opportunity scholarships included in the funding reform bill? Or will you try, if elected, to eliminate that program?

I support the opportunity scholarship included in the funding reform bill

Should Illinois do more to regulate campaign fundraising? If so, what?


What help, if any, are you receiving from your party and its leaders, including staff help, advice, legal assistance, money and resources? Be specific.


If you are an incumbent, give an example of a time you worked across the aisle on an important issue.


If you are an incumbent, give at least one example of a time you did not vote with your party on a significant issue.


Do you support term limits? If so, will you commit to sponsoring legislation and/or lobbying your colleagues on behalf of a constitutional change?

I would consider supporting term limits and lobbying my colleagues on behalf of this change.

Do you support changes to the redistricting process? If so, will you commit to sponsoring legislation and/or lobbying your colleagues on behalf of a constitutional change?

I do support change to the redistricting process and will lobby my colleagues for this change

Tell us a little about your family.

I am married to a 17 year war veteran named Henry and we have three beautiful children Zaire who is 11years old and kenya & Jordan who are both 3year old twins

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

I love to skate

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