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Craig Cameron

Republican candidate for U.S. House (7th district)

Craig Cameron

Craig Cameron

Republican candidate for U.S. House (7th district)

Attend the University of Illinois at Chicago
Project Manger/ TMO-Nokia

Responses to our questions

The U.S. government is now $20 trillion in debt. To address that historic level of public indebtedness, the country would need to raise revenue and/or decrease spending. What is your position on the budget and debt?

  1. It's not either or, but we need both. I believe this new tax plan will raise enough revenue to pay down the debt.

Can you identify any major federal expenditures or programs that you would eliminate?


Medicare and Medicaid costs continue to spiral. How can these programs be restructured to control costs and avoid collapse? Be specific about your willingness to change or reduce future benefits.

I believe there needs to be a complete overhaul of the medical billing system. Have a set standard of cost and fees.

What if anything should be the federal government's role in helping Americans obtain health insurance coverage?

We should have an oversight committee that would govern fair billing practices in healthcare industry. We shouldn't have the government involved in helping America obtain healthcare. That is the last thing that we want is the government telling us when and where we can see a healthcare provider.

Economic growth has been steady but wage growth is slow. Are you content with the state of the economy? What is your recipe for enhancing American prosperity?

My priorities while in Congress will be promoting jobs and economic growth. I will advocate for legislation and policies that will benefit our local communities. We need policies that will drive growth and access to jobs. Our neighborhoods need to be restored physically and we need financial empowerment on a local level. As a Congressman, I will ensure that as a public official that the priorities of the people of the 7th District of Illinois are protected in Washington D.C.

If you could fix longstanding problems with this country's immigration system tomorrow, what would you do? What is your position on the future of DACA and the Dreamers?

I believe we need to eliminate detention centers, and have case workers handle people on a individual bases. In this way, individuals can be assessed to determine if they can contribute to the betterment of society and the economy. We need folks working, not further burdening our government systems. I believe Dreamers should be allowed to become citizens, as long as they have an upstanding record with no major legal troubles.

North Korea's nuclear weapons program represents a direct threat to the security of the United States and its Pacific allies. How should the U.S. confront or contain Kim Jong Un's regime?

We need to be willing to have open dialog with them. This's the only way we can solve the growing nuclear crisis with .North Korea at this times.

ISIS is contained in Syria and Iraq but terrorism remains a threat. What are your priorities in keeping the country safe?

We must join forces with our allies, to help them invest in new technology and stay on top of new threats in this ever-changing evolution of terrorism.

Should the U.S. continue to abide by the terms of the nuclear agreement with Iran?

Right now, with the current political situation in Iran, we need to wait or renegotiate our agreement.

What is your position on the continued presence of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan?

well we cant pull out now, we need to stay the course and finish what we started

Do you support a unified, federal background check system for gun sales? Do you support magazine limits or a ban on certain rifles? Describe, briefly, your position on how to balance safety with the Second Amendment.

Yes, I support unified background checks. And how to balance the safety with the 2nd Amendment is something we need to work on from both side of the aisle. The Second Amendment allows us to protect ourselves. I stand behind the 2nd Amendment.

Should the U.S. government take steps to curb emissions of greenhouse gas? If so, what steps? If not, why not?

Yes, we need regulations on air & water and to control pollution, but we have to balance regulatory action in such a way as to ensure that businesses are not immobilized by policies that do little more than line the pockets of government bureaucrats. Regulation also shouldn't hinder us from tapping into new resources.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

Love the Opera and I write poetry

If you are an incumbent, tell us the most significant accomplishment of your current term.

I'm not the incumbent

Candidates for U.S. House (7th district)