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Denis Mushro-Rumchak

Democratic candidate for County Clerk, Will County

Denis Mushro-Rumchak

Denis Mushro-Rumchak

Democratic candidate for County Clerk, Will County

Joliet Junior College aquired 30 hours in business admistration Massage Therapy certificaiton completed, specialized in hospice massage. Continuing education in massage therapy. Massage Instructor credit hours. FOIA officer Lockport Township OMA officer Educational classes for Township Officials of Illinois
Lockport Township Clerk
Crest Hill
Past Political/Civic Experience
Lockport Township Democratic Precinct Committeemen Lockport Township Democratic Secretary Lockport Township Clerk Will County Central Committee Auditor

Responses to our questions

Compare and contrast: Why should voters nominate you and not your opponent(s)?Your campaign materials explain your general qualifications for office, so you needn't repeat that information. We're instead asking you to help us do what voters must do — choose one candidate from the field available to them.

I believe the residents of Will County should elect me as their next Will County Clerk because I'm the only candidate with real experience for the position and a demonstrated record of trustworthiness in public office. I have worked for Lockport Township as the Deputy Township Clerk for eighteen years and as the Township Clerk for the past three years.

My career, for over twenty-one years, has been government administration. The Office of the County Clerk affects the life of every person in the county. It handles a variety of duties and responsibilities which are defined by the Illinois Complied Statues. Some of the duties include, Chief Election Officer, serving as the Clerk to the County Board, the "Keeper of the Records", and the accepting office for the filing of certain financial documents in the area of Tax Extension.

As the Township Clerk, I am the Local Election Authority, with duties of accepting filings for nomination to office, holding the lottery for ballot placement and the certification of the ballot, for the Township elections. I have managed the early voting in Lockport Township for the Will County Clerk for the past 27 county wide elections.

My office processed 5,000 early voting ballots during the 2016 General Election in a two week period. I have successfully organized and streamlined early voting during my career, all while working with the County Clerk's Office to guarantee the DS200 counters had the proper scores of voting ballots. Because my current office is also a position tasked with acting as a "keeper of the records," I fully understand the importance of retention periods and which documents are required to be kept for the lifetime of the government.

The Township Clerk also accepts the filing of the annual Levy and the annual Budget, as does the County Clerk, in the area of the Tax Extension. My experience gives me the knowledge to perform the daily tasks associated with the Office of the Will County Clerk. Most importantly, I understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the voting process and I promise to protect everyone's right to vote. Voting is critical to our democracy.

My opponent has no work experience in the voting process and has a limited understanding of the integrity of the vote. As your County Clerk, I pledge to keep an open door policy for the County Residents and the employees of the office. I will pledge to continue to provide excellent customer service, being sure all staff is properly trained and recognized for their efforts.

And I promise to work closely with the State Board of Elections and follow all statutory requirements. I will follow through with my pledge by reviewing the processes that are in place and work with staff to improve any problem areas. I will work with the State Board of Elections, making sure the election software is up to date and provides protection of the voters personal information. I will ensure that all voting equipment is stored in a safe, protected environment and guarded against tampering.

I will educate voters on early voting, polling places, vote by mail, grace period voting and provisional ballots. I will ensure that all changes in the statutory requirements are implemented by the allotted deadlines. I believe I must work to continue to modernize all technology used in the Office of the Clerk, keeping in mind cyber-security.

I intend to work with other election authorities to examine their models and procedures to help establish the best use of technology. With my knowledge, experience, skills and passion this is the next logical step in my career.

I am fair and honest at the Township level and I will continue to be fair and honest at the County level. I am trustworthy and dependable and I have the courage to do what's right when it's not easy or popular. I am an upstanding citizen and I am honored to hold my current elected position.

As the Democratic nominee for the Office of the County Clerk, I will maintain my past record of good personal integrity, high ethical standards, and taking responsibility seriously. Denise Mushro-Rumchak Democratic Candidate for Will County Clerk

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