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Erika Orr

Democratic candidate for Cook County Circuit (1st Subcircuit (Hambright Jr. Vacancy district)

Erika Orr

Erika Orr

Democratic candidate for Cook County Circuit (1st Subcircuit (Hambright Jr. Vacancy district)

UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Master of Business and Administration, March 2004 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS COLLEGE OF LAW Juris Doctorate May, 1998 University of Illinois College of Law Moot Court Bench, Member UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature June, 1995 Dean's List Autumn 1994 through Spring 1995
Attorney, Orr Law Group, Ltd.
Past Political/Civic Experience
Not applicable

Responses to our questions

Please submit an essay that explains your legal background, why you are qualified for this position and why you seek this position.

To begin, I believe I bring a key set of values that are imperative to being an unbiased decision maker which is required by those who don the robe and sit on the bench. Throughout my life, it has constantly been impressed upon me the need to exercise good judgment, to learn the relevant facts before making a decision or as a child to get the facts before asking my parents to make a decision for me.

I am rooted in the belief that everyone should be treated with the hand of fairness and compassion no matter their socio-economic status, race, religion, nationality or sexual preference and to do so requires one to treat others with respect, dignity and kindness. These core values of mine are unwavering and non-negotiable -- they make up the core of who I am.

Second, I believe I have a unique skill set. as an attorney in my nineteenth year of practice, I have a diverse legal background which includes both transactional law and litigation. I have been direct client facing on intimate, life altering emotional issues with domestic litigation while also having addressed corporate bottom lines while client facing as an international tax attorney. This depth of experience in the legal profession makes me qualified to be a judge of the circuit court of cook county.

Further, I have reached a point in my career where I will not have any regrets about leaving the practice to sit on the bench; I have had an opportunity to do some really interesting work around the globe and I think it is now time to bring that experience to the bench. Finally, in Illinois I believe we want justices who understand the real world outside the courthouse and the law books.

In addition to having a command of the law in which I practice and the undeniable ability to swiftly attain the knowledge to be a fair and honest adjudicator for areas of the law new to me, my background is global and multidimensional.

My corporate experience has taught me how corporate america works; I know how to look a balance sheet and see what's really behind the earnings before income tax and depreciation. My mba background has exposed me to the psychology behind why individuals do what they do and how impulse drives behavior; it is these things companies use to manipulate and market to consumers.

Finally, my global background in both work as an international tax attorney and through charitable giving with organizations like habitat for humanity international have allowed me to see how culture impacts decisions; culture is a factor, but it is not a final determining factor, in the end everyone wants to be happy and be able to care for their family.

I am also a wife and mother, an attorney, an entrepreneur, a school activity organizer, and a volunteer. All these experiences have taught me that responsibility, integrity, and a strong work ethic are core values to be successful not only as a judge, but in life.

Tell us something we would be surprised to learn about you.

Given that i spent the first thirteen years of my career within public accounting as an international tax attorney responsible for tax returns and provisions, most people are surprised to learn that i am not a fan of math. Growing up, math was by far my worse subject and as such, I forced myself to do more math to make that skill set equivalent with my english proficiency.

Candidates for Cook County Circuit (1st Subcircuit (Hambright Jr. Vacancy district)