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Joanne F. Rosado

Democratic candidate for Cook County Circuit (11th Subcircuit (Kennedy Vacancy district)

Joanne F. Rosado

Joanne F. Rosado

Democratic candidate for Cook County Circuit (11th Subcircuit (Kennedy Vacancy district)

Resurrection High School 1989 DePaul University 1992 John Marshall Law School 2001
Circuit Court Judge, State of Illinois
Past Political/Civic Experience

Responses to our questions

Please submit an essay that explains your legal background, why you are qualified for this position and why you seek this position.

I am a candidate for judge in the 11th subcircuit, I was appointed to the vacancy of Kathleen Kennedy on January 20, 2017, this vacancy is in the 11th subcircuit. Therefore, my current experience as a judge in the First Municipal Division handling heavy volume courtrooms on a daily basis and dealing with the courtroom staff and personnel is helpful for the position of judge.

While in this division, I am receiving criminal experience in traffic and branch courts handling misdemeanor motions, trials, bond hearings, violations of bail bond hearings, felony preliminary hearings and sentencing. I am also receiving civil experience in traffic and forcible court with Petitions to Rescind Statutory Summary Suspension, evictions, credit card disputes and small claims issues with mainly pro se litigants.

Additionally, I am receiving experience with petty tickets in traffic court with trials, pleas, sentencing and providing training assistance for other newly appointed Judges. All of these experiences will help me to be the best well trained judge possible for the daily activities in the courtroom. Prior to my appointment as judge, I believe a combination of different parts of my life are what make me qualified to hold the position of judge.

First, my work as an Assistant Public Defender at 26th and California for over 15 years, defending the indigent while dealing with the budget crisis, lack of services, and the law. My experience and expertise of defending hundreds of individuals through jury trials, motions, and bench trials allowed me to be promoted to the top of the office to a unit handling murder trials and other serious violent crimes throughout Cook County on an independent basis.

This required my efficient and effective management of time while ensuring the best legal representation I could provide to each individual on my caseload. When the State of Illinois had Capital Punishment, I was first chair qualified on the Supreme Court of Illinois Capital Litigation Trial Bar.

My work allowed me to deal with the court system and the mass volume of cases on a daily basis. I have a clear working knowledge of the complexity of managing a court call, the volume of cases, the different courtroom personnel and the importance of staying current with the every changing law. Therefore, I know the daily workings of the courtroom from every aspect. In terms of my legal experience, I have had the opportunity to do civil work in the child protection division as well as in my personal practice.

Next, my life experience as a mother of three children and advocating for their special needs, seeking out the necessary resources and information for a deaf child and a diabetic child allows me to be nurturing and understanding of differences. Finally, my ability to understand diversity and struggle to make changes regardless of your circumstance, growing up within the 11th subcircuit in the city of Chicago and going through Chicago Public School in low income neighborhoods. These areas all make up my experience which will be most helpful in my being fair, impartial and dedication to the law.

Tell us something we would be surprised to learn about you.

As a single mother of three children, I have had the ability to work a full time job, be involved in various organizations and give back to my community. My legal education and my ability to give back to my community come from my hard work, determination and dedication to making myself and my community the best possible. I currently chair an Adopt a family program where we assist families that are in need during the Christmas season by providing food vouchers and gifts for their children. I have been a mentor through Hispanic Lawyers Association and the Women's bar to college, law school and recently barred attorneys. I participate with the food drive and packing the pantry in low income areas. Through the Chief Judge's office I have participated in the Chicago Mock Trials at area Chicago Public Schools where I coached at Bogan High School. I have been a guest speaker/lecturer at various schools talking to children about the law and exposing them to a governmental body while educating them about opportunities in the law. I have participated through Puerto Rican Bar in mock trials and Lawyers in the classroom at various Chicago Public Schools. Over the years, I have been a team mom for baseball, basketball, and football for my three children as well as a room parent. I believe that people would be surprised to learn that as a full time assistant public defender, mother of three, that I still have time and energy to give back to my community.

Candidates for Cook County Circuit (11th Subcircuit (Kennedy Vacancy district)