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Joe Tirio

Republican candidate for County Clerk, McHenry County

Joe Tirio

Joe Tirio

Republican candidate for County Clerk, McHenry County

McHenry County Recorder
Past Political/Civic Experience
Senior Services Grant Commission

Responses to our questions

Compare and contrast: Why should voters nominate you and not your opponent(s)?Your campaign materials explain your general qualifications for office, so you needn't repeat that information. We're instead asking you to help us do what voters must do — choose one candidate from the field available to them.

The office of County Clerk is responsible for Elections, Property Tax Calculations and the Recording of Vital Records. If the referenda to merge the office of County Recorder into the Clerk's office is successful, the Clerk will inherit the responsibilities of that office which include the recording of Real Estate and other records.

Public records are evidence of our shared history. From birth until death, our records bear witness to our community's Life History. The keeper of these records must possess great attention to detail and be a person of high integrity. Why should you vote for Joe Tirio? As Candidate for Recorder, I ran on a two part platform.

The first part of my platform was to eliminate my job. I worked with the Clerk, my colleagues on the County Board, and the County Board Chairman and in just over six months, the referendum to merge the Recorder's office into the Clerk's was approved for placement on the March 2018 ballot. If successful, we'll eliminate one elected position along with costs of the salary, pension, & benefits, forever.

The second part of my platform dealt with the ethical issues of patronage, nepotism and waste in government My website address,, was born from this set of issues. In the Recorder's office, we have made procedural and structural changes in the office that clearly reward performance over relationship for the benefit of the employees and citizens in general.

Prior to being elected County Recorder: As one of the Founders and Leaders of, our organization has had a number of significant wins for the taxpayers of McHenry County. Some examples include: Brought the scope and cost of the Randall Road Project to light in the community. What was once a $140M project is now closer to $99M. Engaged the public regarding the School District's plan to outfit a century old High School with only 50% occupancy, with a $1M crumb rubber football field in an already overtaxed community. The perfectly serviceable, natural grass field remains today. Exposed the public risks of TIFs by presenting free community education while engaging school districts and municipalities to encourage them to stop this practice.

Through Social Media, Online Polls and citizen involvement, we convinced D200's Superintendent to refuse his 8% pay increase he had been improperly awarded. Halted the local school district from placing clinics in the schools. We highlighted the unexplored risks and unreal expectations. The project remains shelved.

When Woodstock decided to do a special census to pave the way to Home Rule status, our group proposed an ordinance that would give residents an organized process to object to new or increased taxes, fees or debt. When the city did not approve in the time frame we suggested, the group took to the streets and knocked on over 1,200 doors. We explained what home rule meant and reminded them that they did not have to participate in the special census.

In the end, the city did approve the part of the ordinance that required a public hearing for such issues, and when the first tax increase was announced, there was over 90 minutes of public comment.

Prior to winning the election as Recorder, my Wife and I grew our own business, Monarch Senior Care, to be a BBB A+ rated company. Prior to that, I worked with some of the world's most respected companies- Illinois Bell/Ameritech/SBC/AT&T, Abbott Labs, Aon Hewitt.

While at Ameritech/SBC, I was a member of the Merger Core Team for what was then, one of the largest mergers in US history, and worked with FEMA while serving on their National Security Emergency Preparedness team and Y2K Critical Infrastructure team.

At Aon Hewitt, I was Client Manager for some of their most prestigious clients and won a national 'HRO Innovation Award'. As a Director at Abbott Labs I drove numerous operational improvements, was identified as "High Potential" and entered into the executive mentoring program.

Since taking office as County Recorder, I've implemented, at no cost to the county, the 'Honor Rewards Program'. The benefit of discounts from local businesses encourage our Veterans to register their DD 214's with the Recorder's office. I reduced salary costs by over 12%, eliminated non-value processes, developed new processes improving service and reducing costs. We've also made a very conscious effort to treat our employees with greater respect and encouraged them to participate in policy and process development.

Despite the fact that our employees are working harder than before, in a recent employee survey, their opinion was that the office is a better place in which to work and is headed in the right direction. As Clerk, I intend to bring the same Leadership, commitment and focus on excellence, as I have demonstrated in my career thus far.

The role of County Clerk may very well be one of the most important jobs in County government. With control over records, taxes and elections, you need a proven, ethical, experienced leader. One who has demonstrated sound judgment and commitment to the County. I believe my combination of private, public and volunteer experience serve to illustrate why I am the clear choice for County Clerk.

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