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Stanton J. "Stan" Bond

Republican candidate for County Clerk, Kane County

Stanton J. "Stan" Bond

Stanton J. "Stan" Bond

Republican candidate for County Clerk, Kane County

Dean's List Graduate, SIU Carbondale, IL Major: Mass Communications Double Minor: Social Psychology, English Graduate Teaching Assistant Graduate School in Mass Communications, but did not complete coursework to obtain degree. Dropped out for full time job with City of Carbondale.
Kane County Information Technology Dept - Circuit Clerk's Office
Past Political/Civic Experience
Village of Montgomery Trustee Trustee, Batavia Library District Precinct Committeeman Sugar Grove Pct 2 Chairman, Western Kane County Republican Oganization (Western Townships) Illinois GOP State Central Committeeman, 14th Congressional Dist

Responses to our questions

Compare and contrast: Why should voters nominate you and not your opponent(s)?Your campaign materials explain your general qualifications for office, so you needn't repeat that information. We're instead asking you to help us do what voters must do — choose one candidate from the field available to them.

The work of the Kane County Clerk's office excites me, and my 34 years managing a high technology company gives me the experience to assure that this office is run efficiently and cost effectively. The County Clerk's office is a high technology mission responsible for collecting, keeping and securing extremely sensitive personal vital records and election information.

Currently I work for the Kane County Information Technology Department and earned Level IV Security and Awareness Training through the Criminal Justice Information System. My opponent has no declared technology training. One of my first official acts when elected will be a comprehensive assessment of the data and network security of the County Clerk's office.

The Clerk's office is the election authority for Kane County which means the office not only conducts the elections, staffs and oversees polling places, it is also responsible for the accurate delineation of voting districts, such as congressional, senatorial, school, fire, library, and sanitation districts.

A Kane County election has 1,600 or more ballot styles, each tailored to the exact districts for each voting address - a task for the clerk's office that requires expertise, sense of duty and a competent proofing system. The clerk's office maintains the voter rolls which includes purging the list of deceased, moved from the area, ineligible to vote, and adding newly eligible or move-in voters.

The Tribune knows election night reporting of Kane County often lags well behind that of DuPage and other counties. And the Tribune reported complete outage of the Kane County elections website on March 20, 2012. All signals that leadership change is needed.

The County Clerk's office touches many lives through marriage certificates, birth certificates, obtaining passports, registering a business, redeeming tax delinquent properties, and death certificates. It is important that the clerk's office strike the right balance between competency and compassion during these highly personal moments in people's lives. The County Clerk's office is responsible for the mathematical computations of your property tax bill.

In 2014-2015 the current clerk messed up the property tax calculations of more than 28,000 tax payers in the Elgin area, resulting in hardships for them, for their school districts, fire districts, library districts and local government. The math on your property tax bill is important, and voters have a right to expect this work be done accurately and efficiently. Remarkably, the incumbent responsible for that mistake asks voters to reward him with another 4 years in office. (Tribune 2015-Mar-6&9)

I offer a management style of team building and collective ideation wildly different from the command and control style of the current incumbent. His style has resulted in the loss of ten senior staff people in recent years. My opponent will "stand on his record" but a news search reveals that: -In 2006 he hired a convicted felon as Director of Elections; -Also in 2006, the County Clerk was sued to extend voting hours in Latino areas where polls opened late. -In 2007 my opponent was the target of a Federal Justice Department lawsuit alleging violation of the voting rights of Hispanic citizens in Kane County. The voting rights of every ethnicity are equal under the law and the constitutional oath of the County Clerk requires that they be treated as such.

I will work tirelessly to ensure all people are treated fairly and respectfully. The incumbent County Clerk has held this office for 16 years at the end of this term. He has been charged with and pled guilty to ethics violations which were reported by the Chicago Tribune and others in 2014. The violations included running his own campaign activity from his public office, involving office workers in his campaign, and using government office equipment for political campaigning.

The incumbent County Clerk has missed 75% of the County Board meetings in 2017. Integrity, commitment and competency should be at the core of the County Clerk's duties. That office maintains and is responsible for securing information about people's lives, about elections, about county contracts and the written record of county board actions. These are important tasks intended for trustworthy and conscientious public servants. That is me.

When elected, I will personally sign all the vendor checks for that office so I will see first-hand how the taxpayer's money is being used. I will examine every purchase order to vendors to ensure that they are the result of vigorous competitive bidding, that the services provided are needed, and that they are providing best value to taxpayers. The Kane County board has expressed concern about the age of county election equipment and systems. I share that concern. The equipment which creates the actual ballots (both printed and electronic) and that gathers and tabulates the polling data was still running Windows 2000 when I left the clerk's office in 2015. There is no indication this equipment has been upgraded. The County Clerk has also relied exclusively on the same election equipment vendor since the decision was made to move to electronic voting.

When I am elected County Clerk, I will work with the County Board to develop a vision of the future for the election process and to plan for the equipment needed to realize that vision. Technology is evolving rapidly - four more years of what the incumbent county clerk has been doing for the last 16 years may be comfortable for the incumbent, but it's lazy public policy. I will use new technology to improve efficiency and response time at lower cost.

I offer the management experience, technology background, integrity and work ethic to move the Kane County Clerk's office to a new level of performance, efficiency and cooperation with its patrons and with the Kane County Board. Kane County voters truly have a choice between another four years of antiquated thinking and poor execution, or a new future that serves the public better and costs them less. Under Stan Bond, the Kane County Clerk's office will come alive with the energy and expertise to deliver timely and creative solutions.

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